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  • Nurturing a Sense of Wonder

  • Intergenerational Experiences

  • Building Community

  • Co-constructing Knowledge

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What parents think

  • "As our daughter Deià embarked on her journey to learn, Paola and the rest of the team at Voyages have provided a keen understanding, allowing Deià to realize her full potential all while making her feel safe, curious and excited. “

  • "Voyages community has been our steadfast partner in these early years of parenting. Because of her Voyages experience, our 5-year-old daughter is starting Kindergarten next year with all the skills we hoped for her. She is confident, curious, and able to solve problems with her peers. Best of all, at Voyages she is a known individual, not just another 5-year-old. Her natural strengths have been cultivated and her particular challenges addressed with care.“

  • "Voyages is everything we hoped it would be and more. It has a loving, supportive and enriching environment in which our son has thrived. The teaching staff is incredible and has been instrumental in our son's growth and happiness. Voyages is truly a special place. “