Toddler School

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Voyages Toddler School is a Reggio and RIE inspired toddler school dedicated to strengthening families and deepening community bonds through a shared love of learning.

We focus on social and emotional growth for children who are 16 months to 2.11 years old by August. Our educators and our site director, Jessica Russell, layer the daily experience with intention, materials for expression, and a warm and nurturing relationship with each child. Established in 2015, Voyages was created to meet the growing need for quality care and education that views toddlers as capable and filled with their own cultures, ready to investigate. We follow the latest in brain development to bring meaningful experiences that are full of wonder to our community. Enrollment in our toddler school guarantees first consideration for placement in our preschool experience to extend established connections in these tender years of transition. We believe the voyage of discovery is an ever-evolving experience that embraces a love of learning within relationships,  providing an adventure for all of us in our school community made up of children, teachers, and families.

Ages 16 months to 2.5 years old by August

Tuition Rates 2019-2020 school year

*Tuition rates are raised approx. .03% annually

Full Day 8-5pm

5 days: $1675

4 days: $1625

3 days: $1575

Mornings 8am-12:30pm 

5 days $1500

4 days $1425

3 days $1375 

*annual material fee: $500